is missing after "yum install php" in Fedora

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I am using Fedora 7 Moonshine Linux with Apache installed.
I have installed PHP5 using command: yum install php. Then I configured  
httpd adding module to httpd.conf (and other necessary  
operations). The problem is that when I am trying to start Apache using  
command: httpd -k start, I receive error of missing To solve  
the problem, I downloaded mod_php.2.0.1.-9.s390.rpm and executed  
command: rpm -i mod_php.2.0.1.-9.s390.rpm. I received error of required So I downloaded and executed command: rpm  
-i Nothing happend because rpm -V returns information that package is not installed.  
I don't understand why.

I have a question: how to solve the problem of missing Why  
it was not installed with: yum install php? What to do?
Please help. Thanks in advance.

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