mod_php and Fast CGI

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How many of you are running Fast CGI instead of the popular mod_php?

I planning to change to fast cgi since my applications need around
15MB memory to handle a single request, so consider if Apache running
in multi-process mode, serving 300 clients, then it nearly used up all
my memory in my server.

Any experience can share how to handle large concurrent clients for


Re: mod_php and Fast CGI

On Jun 14, 7:31 am, wrote:
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300 is not a lot of clients. Unless you mean that you normally have
300 active connections to the webserver.

Why do you think it will need less memory with fast CGI?

Even if I could see that such a change was valid, it would be well
down my list of things to change. While changing a lot of legacy code
can be tricky, I'd start by looking to optimize memory usage within
PHP, consider using autoloader, check queries (which are typically
buffered oustide of PHP's memory limit) and look at front and back end
caching. Making the code go faster and get off the server more quickly
will relieve memory pressures too - so the usual process of
performance optimization. You do have compression enabled in your
webserver and a PHP aaccelerator running?

But sometimes the only solution is to just throw more hardware at it.
But do make sure you've exhausted the other approaches first.


Re: mod_php and Fast CGI wrote:
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First of all, Fast CGI will not use any less memory the mod_php.  In
fact, it may use slightly more.

Are you saying you will be handling 300 requests concurrently?  That
would be a very busy web server - with typical processing, you're
talking several million hits a day.  If that's the case, memory isn't
going to be your only problem.  In fact, it probably won't be your main

Also, if you are regularly using that much memory, chances are you're
code is quite inefficient.  It's not unusual to require that much
occasionally.  But not on a regular basis.

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