MMORPG in Php/MySQL - how to manage objets ? (allocation etc.)

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Hi all,

i'd like to start writing an MMORPG in PHP/MySQL (like
but i wonder something simple :

how to i manage to create and allocate items ?  (armour, axes etc..)

i mean, i think : one item = one database entry (in an item table,
with many fields for each item, such as name, desc, name of dungeon
where it drops etc.)

but my question are :

- how do i allocate those items to guys ?  (players will "drop" items
in dungeons, basic items or rare etc.. so how do i allocated a
particular item to them ?)

must i have a field in the "player" table (or separate linked table to
players_items) with the ID's of each item he got ? or something like
that ?

- how do i store those kind of information in the DB ? in a field with
";" who separate values ? and i sort em with a PHP request ?

thanks for your answer in advance,

and sorry for my bad english, i'm french.

if anyone got a URL about mmorpg concepts in php/mysql, don't hesitate
to give it :)

thanks !

Re: MMORPG in Php/MySQL - how to manage objets ? (allocation etc.)

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This is not a PHP question, it is a classic relational database
question.  You need to study database normalisation.  In this case you
have a many to many relationship.  You have items and players.  One item
can belong to many players and one player can have many items.  the
solution is to use a link table..

You will find that drawing an entity relationship diagram will help
enormously.  In fact it is essential, in my view.  Bon chance.
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