mkdir sucks, really

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OK, I do this call on a linux system:

    $dirname = "/home/u2/sss/sss/html/pages/".$_POST['ParentName']."";
    mkdir($dirname, $mode);


and get this:

Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists in /home/u2/mypage.php
on line 19

When it clearly doesn't exist! I looked!


Re: mkdir sucks, really

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Do ../pages/ and /home/u2/sss/sss/html/pages/ resolve to exactly the same  


Re: mkdir sucks, really

At Fri, 01 Jun 2007 04:20:18 +0000, Cris let h(is|er) monkeys type:

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What does $_POST['Parentname'] contain ? Echo it's value to check.
The warning would make sense if it's empty. And get rid of the '/' in the
file_exists line. At best it doesn't make a difference.

Why use a relative path first, followed by an absolute path?

mkdir doesn't suck, really. It creates a directory or returns false and
throws a warning if that process fails.  

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Re: mkdir sucks, really

On May 31, 11:56 pm, Schraalhans Keukenmeester
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Yes, I guess my monkeys were typing my code indeed.
They did resolve to the same place, BUT, Schraalhans was right.
$_POST['ParentName'] should have been $_POST['fileName'].
I got the two switched on the previous page. :O I feel sheepish.

I went through all the stuff at and couldn't figure it out.
BTW I changed them both to absolute paths.

Thanks for your help.

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