minixml parse xml

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I'm working on a project to parse and write back a simple xml doc.

I'm using minixml: /

function test() {
    $xmldoc = new MiniXMLDoc();
    $big_array['people'] = array();
    $joe = array('name' => 'joe','age' => '22', 'sex' => 'male');
    $bob = array('name' => 'bob','age' => '11', 'sex' => 'male');
    $sue = array('name' => 'sue','age' => '33', 'sex' => 'female');
    $big_array = array();
    $big_array['people'] = array();
    array_push($big_array['people'], $joe);
    array_push($big_array['people'], $bob);
    array_push($big_array['people'], $sue);
    print $xmldoc->toString();

This outputs:
 joe  22  male    bob  11  male    sue  33  female  

According to the docs I was expecting an xml doc with all the tags in

I've googled my brains out and can't find much regarding minixml usage.

Does anybody have any experience with this, or know what I'm doing


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