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I'm trying to work up a short flash movie.  This is the first time I've  
worked with ming and flash....

Basically, what I am trying to do is sort of like an animated clock...

I want to create a clock hand that is animated in itself, *and* that  
goes around.

Picture a clock hand that is itself a movie.  It has some moving parts.  
  So I build a movie of this hand.  This movie has a few frames and  
loops forever.

Now I want to rotate this animated hand around the clockface....

Is it possible?

It would be horrendously complex to try and push the hand animations  
through some rotation matrix and then put them in the frame....  So I'm,  
hoping the ming library can do that for me...

Can this be done?

Or do I need to de-compose the animated hand and individually  
rotate/move each piece in each frame?

The whole idea is to be able to generate this entire movie automatically  
from some parameters fed to the php routine...  So no two movies, and  
most likely, no two frames, would be alike.



Re: ming/flash newbie Q

Captain Dondo wrote:
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Not sure, but if you're wondering about a solution from within Flash
(this is a PHP topic though) you could use the _rotation property,

First time get seconds of the current time in, multiply that with 6,
and set _root.handSeconds._rotatation

and each second do

_root.handSeconds._rotatation += 6;

(6 is the number of degrees a pointer rotates each second)


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