MIME file and gd

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Hello group,

I'm uploading some image files such as jpeg, png and gif. However, I
must convert time to jpeg type.  I have few questions:

1) Can I convert time in using gd library?

2) Currently, I check the MIME file to see what is holding (thanks to
Michael ) like image/jpg or image/gif or image/png. But what should be
the criteria? I'm checking:

          if ($img_array_info[mime] == "image/jpg" {

However, there are some files that rather image/jpg they have image/
jpeg as mime in their headers. Should I compare it agaisnt these two
criteria or there are other things I have to consider too?


Re: MIME file and gd

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Currently I'm doing this:

if ( (strcasecmp($array_img_information[mime], "image/jpg") =3D 0 )  ||
(strcasecmp($array_img_information[mime], "image/jpeg") =3D 0 ) )
   echo "<br>OK, jpeg file<br>";
   echo "<br>$array_img_information[mime]<br>";
   echo "<br>Not a jpeg file must conver it!<br>";


Is this a proper way or ....?

Thanks again.

Re: MIME file and gd


The best way to get the image type is exif_imagetype. If you don't
have that you can also use getimagesize.

Now, if you want a general way to convert between image types, the
easiest is to use the convert command that comes with ImageMagick.
Here's a function to convert many image types:


function imConvert($path, $newPath)
  $cmd = 'convert ' . escapeshellarg($path) . ' ' .
    escapeshellarg($newPath) . ' 2>&1';
  exec($cmd, $output, $exitCode);
  if ($exitCode != 0) {
    throw new Exception("Command \"$cmd\" failed with " .
      "exit code $exitCode: " . join("\n", $output));

$path = dirname(__FILE__) . '/img.gif';
$newPath = dirname(__FILE__) . '/im.jpg';
imConvert($path, $newPath);


You can also use GD to do this. To convert from GIF to JPEG, you would
call imagecreatefromgif then imagejpeg.


John Peters

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Re: MIME file and gd

Hi Amit,

For work with images, try this class, has very features.


Re: MIME file and gd

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Thanks Leandro,

I had no idea there is a class. You both gave very helpful


Re: MIME file and gd

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Thanks indeed for your help. Very nice function!


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