migrating from php 3 to 4

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I would like to migrate from my current 3.0.12 php to a new
server. The new server is RedHat 9 - php 4.2.2

The problem is when I try using a file - custlookup.php3 all I
get is the actual code listed in the browser window.

If I rename the file with a .php extension it works fine

I am not much of a programmer so converting everything over
to use the .php extension would be hard.

Is there a setting somewhere I can use to avoid making this
type of change ?

I really hope I am asking a simple question, that would save
me a lot of time.

Thanks for any information provided.


Re: migrating from php 3 to 4

Ted Potter wrote:
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Well, go to your apache configuration file (httpd.conf)
and look for occurrence of ".php" in there.  Most likely,
you will see something like this:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Edit it like this:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3

Save the file and restart Apache.  


Re: migrating from php 3 to 4

This is not advised but you have another solution as well. Write a
simple script to rename your file extensions from .php3 to .php. I'll
stop here since NC has a better solution.


Re: migrating from php 3 to 4

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 09:50:49 -0800, NC wrote:

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Thank you, that did it. Also thanks to Rushi and Daniel.
I am sure the script idea would work but I really am a newbie
at all this.

*sigh* yes RH9 is dead, but I am dancing as fast as I can :-)

A few years ago in a fit of madness I somehow cobbled together
this system as a friend of mine did the same type of thing using
cold fusion. He has just converted over to php and now knows
much more joy.

Anyway, Thanks again.


Re: migrating from php 3 to 4

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You do know that Redhat 9 is end of life and thus no longer

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