method overloading.

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I'm trying to find the best way to do method overloading in the least
hackish way.

First solution:
Using __call() and a switch (or two)

class MyClass {
  public __call( $method, $args ) {
    //maybe some code here to determine arg count and arg types with
    switch( $method ) {
      case "foo":
         //Another switch in here using arg count and types
      case "bar":
         //Another switch in here using arg count and types
      case default:
         //Throw an exception

$obj = new MyClass();

Second solution: Using default types

class MyClass {
  public function foo( $arg1=$something, $arg2=$another ) {
     // Do something

$obj = new MyClass();
$obj->foo();  // Fine because we have default args
$obj->foo( 1, 2 ); // Fine we are using different values
$obj->foo( null, 2 ); // Fine but passing null is ugly.. I don't like

What I was hoping for in the second solution would be explicitly pass
arg values ( Python-like ):

$obj->foo( $arg2 = 2 );  //This case we are using the default value
for arg1 but arg2 is overwritten.
I understand ( or so I think ) with in PHP would resolve to:
$obj->foo( 2 ); // Since $arg = 2 is evaluated then passed at the
first argument (arg1) arg2 is set to default

This may be a pipe dream but is there any way to do explicit passing
like Python in PHP? I can't seem to find anything in the docs so i'm
assuming there isn't.

Re: method overloading.

.oO(Derek Schrock)

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You could also play with a variable number of arguments, see
func_get_arg() etc.

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Nope. Skipping arguments like that is not allowed in PHP.

Another option (still ugly, though) might be to pass some or all
arguments as an associative array:

  public function foo(array $args) {

And then:

  $obj->foo(array('arg1' => 23, 'arg2' => 42));


Re: method overloading.

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Yeah, that was my third option.

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