Meta-tag Redirect?

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I was wondering if the there was a meta tag that would cause a
standard browser to reload a URL "immediately"?

The reason why I want to do the is as follows. I have a PHP script
that does some processing of user forms, the submit button takes the
user back to the same URL (with different CGI data). This is ok
because I don't want the user bookmarking anywhere between when the
first form is started and the last form finished. Once the forms have
all been filled out and verified by the PHP Script, I would like to
send the user to a different URL that is static.  A URL that can
easily be book-marked. I thought the best way to do this was for the
PHP script to generate a page with a meta-redirect in it.

Do you think this is the best way to accomplish this or is there a
better way. I can't just give the last submit form a different URL,
because The data needs to be processed and verified before deciding
whether to keep the user in the script or to spit him/her back into
normal web-space. Some answers may keep the user in the script. Any

Re: Meta-tag Redirect?

What about using:

header("location : mypage.php");


Steven Feil wrote:
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Re: Meta-tag Redirect?

 .oO(Steven Feil)

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Use standard redirects: don't break the back button!

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header('Location: ');


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