memory usage error

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I have a script that performs some mysql queries.Its supposed to be
run by bash not by a browser.

the problem is that in my development laptop it executes well using
3201136 bytes (+/- 3MBs) but on my live server (that i'm admin) it
consumes 64MBs and stops because the limit is 64MBs.
I'm using fedora+apache+mysql on both systems.
What can cause this difrence? php.ini are the same, apache conf and
my.cnf are the same.
Where should i look for clues to whats happening?

Re: memory usage error

Jose Nuno Neto wrote:

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I cannot think why there would be a problem in one environment, but not
the other...however... one or two things aren't clear in your OP...

Can you run the script using bash on your server *and* your laptop?

Can you run the script using PHP on your server *and* your laptop?

My guess is that on your laptop, it uses 3mb because you're using Bash
whereas on your server, you're using PHP.  Please let me know if you're
comparing like with like.  If you're using bash on your laptop, and find
that it works  there, then the fact that php.ini and your apache.conf
are the same on both boxes makes no difference at all since the bash on
your laptop won't reference php.ini or httpd.conf...


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