Memory usage by class files

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Hi all,

I am currently working on a project which involves using a lot of code on
each page. I'm currently refactoring with a view to performance and have
discovered that when my app starts to include the class definitions it
needs, the memory gets eaten up *very* rapidly - indeed, typically, the
memory usage is TEN TIMES the size the class file occupied on the disk -
note this memory usage is only as a result of require_once() not objects
are instantiated, no code within the files has been run at this point.

(there are some hard stats below)

Has anybody else noticed this? Thought it a bit excessive? Found a more
efficient way of building the code (should I consider 'compiling' the
include files into a single one?). Unfortunately all the code is needed so
while the larger files do have more than one class definition there doesn't
seem to be much to be saved by using the autoloader.


file            mem used by require     size on disk    ratio    704912                  81766           8.62 738800                  57368           12.88  80920                   7286            11.11 74864                 7497            9.99 123536                 11451           10.79


Re: Memory usage by class files


on 03/30/2007 08:21 PM Colin McKinnon said the following:
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That is normal. PHP gets compiled into Zend Opcodes before executing.
That is mostly what compiled PHP takes in RAM. It has nothing to do with


Manuel Lemos

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Re: Memory usage by class files

Manuel Lemos wrote:

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Thanks Manuel. I was worried it might just be me!


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