memory_limit doesn't work on OS X?

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I'm trying to get TYPO3 working with the built-in PHP and Apache on OS X
Server 10.3.4, and the installer complains that memory_limit is set too
low in php.ini. However, raising it seems to have no effect. What can I
do? Is this a limit of the pre-installed PHP?

Changes to, for instance, upload_max_filesize in the same file are
recognized, so I know I'm editing the right thing.

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Re: memory_limit doesn't work on OS X?

ZnU wrote:
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This is probably a bug in the TYPO3 installer.

The pre-installed PHP doesn't have the memory limit option compiled in
(at least the version on Panther client doesn't) so a check for
ini_get('memory_limit') returns an empty string "" no matter what is in
php.ini. If the installer doesn't expect this it may be interpreting it
as a value of 0, which is less than the minimum it wants.

-- brion vibber (brion @

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