memcache not connecting

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memcache appears to be installed correctly, but when I use
memcache_connect I get the following error:
Warning: memcache_connect(): Can't connect to localhost:11211, Unknown
error (0)

I'm connecting using the following command:
$memcache_obj = memcache_connect('localhost', 11211);

Memcache info from phpinfo():
memcache support enabled
Active persistent connections  0
Revision  $Revision: 1.53 $

Directive Local Value Master Value
memcache.allow_failover 1 1
memcache.chunk_size 8192 8192
memcache.default_port 11211 11211

Finally, var_dump(extension_loaded('memcache')); returns true.

Any help is greatly appreaciated!

Re: memcache not connecting

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You need to have the memcached daemon running. The extension itself only
offers an API for memcached.

If you're on Windows, you can get binaries that can register themselves
as Services at: Careful
though: the nature of memcached means it gobbles up quite a bit of
memory, so don't run it when you don't need to.

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Re: memcache not connecting

Kimmo Laine wrote:
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Unless next_page.php generates PHP, the script with this include will
only get HTML.

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    if (isset($_GET['foo'])) {
      echo '<?php echo $_GET[\'foo\']; ?>';
    } else {
      echo '<?php echo \'Not available\'; ?>';

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