MeetUp-like CMS?

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I need to find a CMS that will let me build a small MeetUp-like site,
ie. the homepage will contain articles + events to which registered
users can sign up, and a forum where they can shoot the breeze
in-between events.

I checked WordPress but before investing further, I'd like to make
sure there's nothing simpler for what I have in mind.

Thank you for any feedback.

Re: MeetUp-like CMS?

Gilles Ganault wrote:
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What does this have to do with PHP?  I see nothing about a CMS in the
PHP help files, for instance.  And there is definitely not a CMS API listed.

Why don't you try a CMS-related newsgroup?  It would be far more

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Re: MeetUp-like CMS?

On Fri, 16 Jul 2010 18:58:27 -0400, Jerry Stuckle
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Obviously, I googled for this before asking here, but there doesn't
seem to be any. doesn't have a forum. The other
links returned by Google are either about web development in general
or are project-specific.

If you or someone else knows of a high-trafic forum where I could ask,
I'm all ears.

Thank you.

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