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Hi all,  
Im quite comfortable with php but new to encryption, could someone please
highlight when encryption would be a good thing.  

Also:is there a reverse of the md5 function? ( in other words in what way is
md5 ( + the others sha...)used?

Re: md5

Greger wrote:

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   When you have a secret to protect?

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   Ehh... no.  MD5 is a one-way hash ( ).  
  You really ought to have a look at some literature, maybe start here:


Re: md5

*** Greger wrote/escribió (Thu, 18 Aug 2005 14:21:42 +0200):
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MD5 is a hash that's normally displayed as a 32 character string. That
means that even the MD5 hash of a 2GB files is 32 byte long: if it was
reversable we would have found the most amazing compression algorithm ;-)

Encryption can be rather complicate. I suggest you first define your needs
and then find solutions for them.

Hashes have several usages:  

* Test file integrity
* Password storage (you cannot decrypt passwords, yet you can encrypt the
value provided by user and compare)

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Re: md5

Why not use something like:
This will encrypt the php source


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way is

Re: md5

No one is talking about ecrypting the php source here...

The question was: how does one ecrypt data... not their source files.

zen wrote:
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