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I think that there is a problem using the mb_eregi_replace function.  
I've noticed that it doesn't work well when it must replace "À bon  
chat" for "<b>À bon chat</b>" using the next call:

mb_eregi_replace("à bon chat","<b></b>",$mystring);

Have anybody noticed that? How could I solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Re: mb_eregi_replace

I got this malfunction using PHP Version 5.1.2, but if I use PHP  
5.2.0, it works well. Always on Windows Plattform using xampp.

Re: mb_eregi_replace

I've a possible solution. You can use some javascript code to replace  
all the occurrences with something like this:

myRe2 = new RegExp('à bon chat', 'gi');
document.getElementById('only_context').innerHTML = new  

You must include the text, that you wanna replace into a div called  
'only_context' or whatever.

Re: mb_eregi_replace

mb_eregi_replace works well on PHP 5.2.0

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