maximum size for imagecreatetruecolor()??

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there seems to be a maximum size (in px) for images created with
imagecreatetruecolor (somewhere between 4000 px and 4500 px). if the
image is bigger than that size, the browser doesn't display it but
reports errors in the image.

is this maximum size inbuilt into php?


does it depend on my server config and if yes how can i read it?
tia, micha

Re: maximum size for imagecreatetruecolor()?? wrote:

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A full-colour 4096x4096 image occupies 48 MB (or 64 MB it it has an alpha
channel). My guess is this problem is not so much to do with a maximum image
size but rather the amount of memory allocated to the running of your
website. Either talk to your web hosts about getting it increased, or stop
using such enormous images.

phil [dot] ronan @ virgin [dot] net /

Re: maximum size for imagecreatetruecolor()??

Philip Ronan wrote:
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maximum image

yes, that occurred to me after posting. i had not thought about memory
at all, just followed the manuals recommendation to use
imagecreatetruecolor() instead of imagecreate(), even if i don't really
need true color images. works fine now with imagecreate.

thnaks, micha

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