Maximum file size that can be handles with a PHP script

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I am currently trying to debug a script written by my predecessor.
Basically I have an HTML form that is used to upload a file that is
then processed using a PHP script. It has been in frequent use but I
have just been contacted because there is a PDF document that is not

I reckon it may have something to do with the file size. All the
previously uploaded files are relatively small (<2MB) but this one is
about 5MB. When I try to upload the file using the script, which I know
uploads the file as it has been in use frequently in the past and I
have tested it with other files, it appears to reject it. When I do the
following (before any processing when the form has been submitted):

echo $_FILES['file']['size']; returns zero (0) indicating that something has gone wrong
although when I do the following:

echo $_FILES['file']['name']; returns the name.

I have tried including a hidden HTML form element MAX_FILE_SIZE and
setting it to exceed the file size (in bytes) but still no luck. Could
it maybe be something in the files content?


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