max_user_connections : What Value ?

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We run PHP on a Linux Server Fedora AMD 1.3 Duron, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB

The website welcomes more and more users.

Problem : we very often have max_user_connections errors and need to
restart SQL server.

The max_user_connections variable_name in MySQL is set to 0 and
max_connections is set to 100.

Question : Wish values do you think are the most appropriated ?

I thank you for your advise

Mary Henry

Re: max_user_connections : What Value ?

On 21 Dec 2004 06:03:34 -0800, (Henry) wrote:

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 Sounds like an "It Depends" question. How many simultaneous connections do you
need, and how many can the server handle given the typical SQL queries executed
down those connections? Presumably the answer is then the smaller of those two.

 Are these connections connecting to a single username, or a small set of
usernames? If so, perhaps consider using persistent connections.

 Or if the connections are to many separate usernames, make sure you're _not_
using persistent connections, else each connection to each username gets put in
the persistent connection pool and held open beyond the execution of the
script, and so makes the problem worse.

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