Matching Items in Mysql Result

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I am pulling a list of names from a mysql table and then display the
results with this:

while ($names_row = $names_result->fetch_assoc())
    echo '

Simple. The database query groups the names so that they are only
displayed once. The purpose of this is to display names entered for a
nomination process. The problem is that sometimes names are entered
differently. One person may enter Mike, and another enters Michael but
the last name is the same. I know then that this is actually the same
person. The results show up on different lines though, so I need to
flag these results in some way. I want to be able to show on the page
in bold where last name matches.

Can someone give me some direction on how I could go about this? Do I
need to use an array?

Re: Matching Items in Mysql Result

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You should have a table with 'unique' persons, and and possibly a separa=
te  =

table nominations/votes which is related to that by primary key. On a  =

vote/nomination, let the users choose from a list from 'people allready =

available', or enter a new one. This will hopefully keep duplicates to a=

minimum, and even if someone is entered under a slightly other name, it'=
s  =

just a question of updating the related 'persons'-id of the votes in som=
e  =

admin process (either with an interface or just a raw database query), a=
nd  =

removing the 'duplicate' row. Offcourse, you'll trim/standardize  =

capitalisation etc. to keep it duplicates to a minimum, maybe could also=

use the LIKE and/or SOUNDEX functionality of the database to suggest a  =

person allready in the table if someone enters a slightly different one =

(still giving the users the possibility to confirm this is really anothe=
r  =

person,"Are you really sure you don't mean on of these?").

There is no way this process can be automated without losing the ability=

to nominate 'new' persons: Who is to say Mike Johnson and Michael Johnso=
n  =

aren't different persons? They might be very well be, they're just not i=
n  =

this case.
-- =

Rik Wasmus

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