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Hi, I have to send a newsletter to more then 8000 address!
What is the best way to do it?
sending all together?, with mail() function?, with smtp?, divided in

tnx so much!

Re: mass newsletter

Pilu wrote:
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Send it to yourself and bcc: it to your entire mailing list.


Re: mass newsletter

NC wrote:
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I imagine that you'll run into recipient limits on your ISP's SMTP
server pretty damn quick doing it that way. When I used to do this, my
ISP wouldn't let me send with more than 30 BCC recipients.

Nicholas Sherlock

Re: mass newsletter

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First, check with your ISP.  Chances are, they'll think you're spamming
if you do this without them knowing about it first.  They may even tell
you that you can't do it from their machines and to find a commercial
email list provider.  It might help if you have a plan on how you'll
deal with bounce messages, what the email is that you're sending, and if
you have proof that the owners of the email addresses did a double
'opt-in' to your list (confirming that they want to be on it by emailing
a confirmation).

I got an unsolicited newsletter from someone who was really toasted when
I reported him and his ISP to spamcop and spamhaus.  He got all cartoony
and threatened litigation.  But I never subscribed to his newsletter and
he never did anything beyond those threatening emails.  spamcop gets
these types of complaints all the time.

Since php is mostly web-based, scripts that run for a while tend to
'time-out'.  Unless you have a shell account, you'll have to chop the
database up into 100 address chunks, send those using mail(), then cycle
to the next batch.

If this is a regular thing you're going to be doing, I'd look into a
email list management solution like ezmlm or majordomo. / /

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