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I need to send 30,000 emails to our NewsLetter Subscriber,
I tried to use our hosting Site and for the worst part We we banned and
our site was stopped.

I am using PHP script, mail() function to send Mail

Please suggest me how to send these personalised newsletter... through

Re: Mass Mailing wrote:

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Sending the list using a php page won't fix this problem.  Unless you  
check with your new hosting site FIRST, you'll probably just get banned  
again.  These type of newsletters can be a dual-edge sword for web  
hosting companies.  If you have a double opt-in list, you shouldn't have  
a problem.  OTOH, if you just collected these names without getting  
expressed permission from each account holder, you're really sending  
SPAM and should be terminated with EXTREME prejudice along with your  
entire genetic line (parents, siblings, spouse, kids, and pets).

Or you can contact a site that specializes in commercial mailings and  
pay them to send out the newsletter.  There are a number of them out  
there, but they cost something like $250 to setup for a small list  
(10000 entries) plus $95/month with a cap on the total bandwidth.  Your  
list would problably cost more.  If they get SPAM complaints, you may  
end up being banned from using them as well.

[notice how I didn't answer your question?]

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Re: Mass Mailing

I think its better you contact your web hosting first. Tell them that
you have an opt-in email list and you want to send them a newsletter.

If you just use simple mail() function many mailservers will detect as

Its better you use phpmailer :



Re: Mass Mailing wrote:
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what you are doing now.  The problem is, your contract with your
hosting company probably included a clause prohibiting mass mailing (to
avoid putting a strain on the hosting company's SMTP servers), and
that's why you were banned.

You can still use your scripts, but you need to find a hosting company
that allows mass mailing.  You might want to ask them about it (and
tell them that your mailing list is opt-in) before you move your site

Alternatively, you can use a third-party mass mailing service such as

Yet another alternative is to deploy your own SMTP server.

Whatever path you choose, it's going to be more expensive than your
current setup.  


Re: Mass Mailing wrote:
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Why write it yourself?

Many hosting providers have canned "Announcement List" software  
suitable for Newsletter kind of things.

Maybe your problem is how you aquired those 30,000 email  
addresses. -- If you "harvested" them, bought them, or otherwise  
picked 'em up without getting the victim's ^H subscriber's  
permission, then most reputable hosting providers would bounce you  
out quickly.

FWIW, The Dreamhost Announcement List software allows you to  
import an already assembled list of email addresses. However, it  
sends a subscription confirmation message to each email address.  
Further communication with that address via the Announcement List  
software is not possible until that subscriber has "clicked  
through" to confirm that he does, indeed, want to subscribe to  
your newsletter.

If you absolutely insist on roll-your-own, then be careful about  
mail header injection attacks when someone subscribes to your  
newsletter. has a good description on the  
basics of avoiding header injection attacks in their description  
of the mail() function.

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