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Consider the following form
<form method="get" action=" ">
Enter first part of your email<input type="text" name="firstpart_email"
value ="" size="20" />
<input type="submit" value="submit" />

If a user inputs "joe124", what code do i add in order for the form to
submit ""
I posted this problem in alt.html, but i was told i would get a better
off posting it in a php group.

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Leave the form as is and do this in your PHP file:

if ( isset( $_GET['firstpart_email']  )) {
 $finalAddress = $_GET['firstpart_email'] . '';
} else {
  $finalAddress = '-';  // In case no value passed

In case you'd like to do all in your form, you need a JavaScript event

Re: manipulating forms

thank you. It works.
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