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We are 3 persons contacting various potential clients/customers and also
potential advertisers for our website.

Each person work at home, and it becomes ever difficult to manage our
contacts. Also we don't see what the others do.

Does it exist something allowing to manage such contacts. Ideally, this
should be put on a webserver, allowing each of us to build a client's
database, and the contacts history (like the program called ACT! on PC , but it's too expensive for what we do).

Ideally, we should be able to:
- create a new client (company, address, list of contact name and their
respective role in the company, phone/fax/mobile...)
- manage any contact with some details: name, date/time, comment, reminder
creation (please call back on monday...)
- a reminder, allowing to remind us when to call again, linked to a
checklist (first phone contact, second phone contact, visit, etc)
- a check list for any customer type.
- a calendar/user, allowing to know where the commercial is. This should
also allow us to know if they meet other companies or don't work at all,
since they are at home, we can't see if they really work or not.

Obviously, any item should be filled by any user, and there should be a
possibility to know who did any item. (who contacted the user, who filled
the address...).

The idea is to be able to fill the address when it's time to (evening,
week-ends) by an user, and then when the commercial connect to the page (or
even by email with a link) he knows he must contact the client.


Re: manage business contacts

Bob Bedford wrote:
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Look at using the Yahoo shared calendar organizer stuff. Put all the
Yahoo tools together and I think you've got everything you need

Re: manage business contacts

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As what I've understood, after reading some articles, what I need is a CRM.

They are various free CRM around but can't find the one that fit our needs.

Any suggestion ?

Re: manage business contacts

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Have one adapted to your needs? Nowadays there is something like
software designed for flexibility and extendability... But i agree, this
requires skilled software developers and it tends to be pritty hard
these days to find one you can download for free ;-)


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