Mambo or Joomla?

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I apologize if this is not the correct group to ask this question but I
can't find another newgroup that might help and I am having no luck at the
Mambo or Joomla forums.

I am looking for a content managament system and these two seem to fit the
bill for what I am looking for but I am a little confused as to the real
differences between mambo and Joomla.  I appears as though the original
Mambo developers all resigned in late 2005 and decided to start up Joomla.
Does anyone have an opinion (without flaming please) of which would be the
best way to go in the long run?  Does anyone on this forum have any
experience with these two systems that can give me an honest appraisal.

The site in question would be a large database of resourses (everything from
weblinks to various resources, code snippets, and objects, etc).  I would be
creating the weblink resource first and adding sections as time progresses.
Weblinks would have a variety of categories with subcategories as would the
other future resources.

Thank you, and if this is OT for this newsgroup please point me to the
correct one.


Re: Mambo or Joomla?

KCC wrote:
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It's not a PHP question, so yes, it is off-topic in this newsgroup.

You might try alt.www.webmasters.  Don't know of others because I don't use either.

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Re: Mambo or Joomla?

KCC wrote:
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At present there is little to choose between them, but they are starting to  
bifurcate.. I am still using MAMBO due to csome problems that I discovered  
with Joomla, but it really is a case of toss a coin.  

Re: Mambo or Joomla?

Thank you Paul.  Jerry  I will try the webmasters group, thanks for the

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Re: Mambo or Joomla?

On Tue, 30 May 2006 11:20:02 -0500, KCC wrote:

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I don't think it's *too* far off topic ;-) Both are PHP based and, at
some stage, you're definitely going to get your hands dirty trying to
tweak the output. A good background in PHP and basic database design
would help a lot.  

More so, though, is a sound knowledge of CSS - to get your site to not
look like yet another Joomla/Mambo template clone.

Anyway ... back to your question <!!>.... I tried out many of the
currently popular CMS systems a while back and settled for either
Mambo or Joomla as they (both) offered greater design/layout
flexibility. I don't do "blog" style sites.

After a while of running both in tandem, I settled on Joomla - as it
appeared to be "going somewhere" - and Mambo seemed to be floundering.
Not very scientific, but that's the impression I got from the level of
support for components/modules writers. Most were switching horses -
to Joomla.

Both are slightly buggy (I found Mambo wouldn't behave at all on my
WinXP development system).  

I'd definitely go for Joomla.


Re: Mambo or Joomla?

It seems to me that when the developers of a product break from a
corporation to build what they are passionate about, something good
usually results.

I've played with both and found they simply include too much
administration and too many options for the clients I work with and so
I built my own. I found that the more advanced features I included
never really got much use anyway - oh well.

Anyway, it sounds like your requirements might find a good home in
either Mambo or Joomla.
You might check out
There are demos you can play with for both systems and quite a few
comments from other users.
You might also check out Drupal, XOOPS, and Xaraya.

If anything, download the source - emulate the good - improve on the
bad and then roll your own.

Re: Mambo or Joomla?

KCC wrote:

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You can get the point of view of at least one Joomla developer by signing up
for the NYPHP-talk mailing list.  You can sign up at

Kenneth Downs
Secure Data Software, Inc.

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