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Hello everyone, i would like some help on programming since i am not
really good at php.

The question is that, i am making a forum for my own web page and i
dont know what security measures i have to take, what is cookies used
for and the algorithm for the forum, i.e. should i store the comments
in the mysql database or in a text file and also most importantly how
do i implement the smilies and such. Maintaining it wouldnt be a
problem because i know i have to get some off and store it physically
on my computer if there are too many comments and i knw the basic
stuff. Just need help on the advance things like networking and
security. Thank you for anyone's help... :D[/quote] php newsgroups

Re: Making Discussion Board

wicky wrote:
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I'll gladly submit to the advice of those with more experience than I,
but given the above I'd suggest using a forum solution coded by someone
who *does* have the experience and know-how.  phpBB is a common one in
my experience, although I'm sure there are tons.  Try googling around a
bit.  But do consider using a packaged, vetted system with regular
updates rather than cobbling something together in (forgive me)
ignorance and leaving a gaping hole.

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