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Hi, I'm new to Google Groups (this is my first post or topic or
whatever it's called). I'm also new to PHP. My knowledge in PHP extends
to variables, basic fuctions, etc. I have a site with a MySQL 4.1.14
database and I use phpMyAdmin 2.6.3-pl1.

Suppose there's a page called videos.php. What do I need to do to get a
page called:

Also, it would be helpful if you tell me how to add more pages (well,
it's really not a page, is it?) such as:


Re: making a query string

I think what you want to do is build a database driven website. There
are quite a few tutorials for this. Just do a quick search on google
for "php database driven website" and i think you'll find your answer.

Re: making a query string

The Numerator wrote:
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Firstly, this isn't google groups, it's Usenet.

Second, the page is videos.php. name=matrix-ping-pong is the data passed  
to the page.  You can access the data though the super global array  
_GET[].  In this case, _GET['name'] = matrix-ping-pong.

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Use a switch statement based on _GET['name'].

Ian Collins.

Re: making a query string

Two weeks ago I had never even heard of php. Now I have about half of a
nice (if I do say so myself) MySQL database driven web site coded and
running. I would recommend the book "PHP and MySQL for dynamic web
pages" by Larry Ullman. In less than two weeks that book has taken me
from rank novice to fairly proficient in php. (Although I do have about
a bazillion years experience with C++)

Also, for those reading this on usenet, "Google Groups" is the only
access that a lot of people (myself included) have to usenet, and most
of those people don't even realize that Google Groups is just a front
end to usenet. So, in all fairness, for a lot of people this forum is
usenet, and for a lot of other people, this forum is "Google Groups."


Re: making a query string

fiziwig wrote:
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The O'Reilly book "PHP and MySQL" is also a decent introductory text.
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True enough, as long as google groups users read  
< to keep us cranky old Usenet users  

Ian Collins.

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