mail working, not working.

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In homage to Twane, I have a problem.
This code does not work (mail returns true, but the mail
  is not received):--------------------------------------------
    // mail notification to office
    $userx = urlencode($user);
    $emailTo = ",";
    $message = "A new user registered. ";
    $subject = "A new user registered: $userx";
    $headers = <<<END\n

whereas this code does work  (different script)------------
    // now send notification
    // look up email address for msgTo
    $emailTo = fGetEmailAddy($msgTo);
    $name    = fGetRealName ($msgFrom);
    $toName  = fGetRealName ($msgTo);
    if ($broadcast)   { // broadcasting a non-clinical message
        $message = stripslashes($msgBody);
        $subject = "General information message from example.";        
        } //broadcasting a non-clinical message

    else   { // not a broadcast message
        $message = "$name left a message for you at ";
        $subject = "The MP Secure Server has a message.";
        } //not a broadcast message
    $headers = <<<END\n

As far as I can see, they are identical.  But on the other hand,  
maybe I can't see.

Both scripts run on the same server, neither has errors with  
error_reporting(E_ALL); set at the top of the script.
Both require the same class.

in both examples the domain name was changed to "example" by  
hand; otherwise they are copied, pasted, and reformatted to fit news.

Any help and/or suggestions on how to proceed will be  
appreciated.  To make it more fun: earlier in the development  
process both worked just fine.


Re: mail working, not working.

On Mon, 23 Sep 2013 11:15:11 -0400, bill wrote:
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Many "mail does not work" problems are not related to the PHP, but
rather to the mail itself being sent. Maybe the mail is rejected at the
remote end because it looks too much like spam, or because the sending
address is invalid, or because it's coming from a machine on a network
with a list of authorized machines to send mail and this thing is not
it. Mail() returning true only means that whatever the local submission
calls for completed successfully.

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the past, and one can almost imagine past issues of that galaxy's Risks
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Re: mail working, not working.

On 2013-09-23 11:15 AM, bill wrote:
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I'll have to agree with Peter at this point. If mail() is being reported  
as true, then it's at least making it to be accepted at the server. Soo,  
something is likely up at the server end.

    Just for grins, I tried your first code here (sans encode) and it  
worked OK; I received the e-mail.

I see no Headers in your code but I do in the mail() statement; are they  
there and correct? Else I'd remove the $headers. I just used a name and  
a return path for my test here.

    Have you looked at your server error logs? Both local and remote?

    Depending on your server, it's probably not looking like spam or  
you'd have heard from them by now or your account would be temporarily  

It might be worth asking the folks at your remote server what might be  
up and include the same details as you included here. I'd go ahead and  
open a support ticket and see what come out of it.
    Could it have anything to do with the encoding? I think I'd try  
removing it to see what happens at least; it's a quick test to do.

And of course, scrutinize the code very carefully for typos.

Re: mail working, not working.

On 9/23/2013 8:16 PM, Twayne wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Will look in the server logs.


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