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  I haven't used php to send mail yet and have some questions.

I see that you can add headers, and these days it is essential to have a
real "from".

  But I see you can also do this:

mail('', 'the subject', 'the message', null,

   Does that only work with sendmail and how can you tell what the MTA
(is that right) is?

   Also, how would you include a BCC or Reply To with that?

On a related note, what's with CR LF I see in the examples. I see there
are some issues with the CR, can I simple do this?:

From: some_from
BCC: some blind copy

and expect that to work?


Re: mail questions

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Hey here's some help.

With the PHP mail() function the From MUST be included either in the
php.ini file or in the headers section otherwise it returns a warning.

Separate headers are separated by CRLF in the form of "\r\n" for

    $headers = "From:" . "\r\n" . "Cc:" . "\r\n" . "Bcc:" . "\r
\n" . "";

Note: If messages are not received, try using a LF (\n) only. Some
poor quality Unix mail transfer agents replace LF by CRLF
automatically (which leads to doubling CR if CRLF is used). This
should be a last resort, as it does not comply with RFC 2822.

the mail() would then be something like:
    mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)

I hope that helped if more assistance is needed check out PHPs website
they have very useful documentation:

Re: mail questions

*** Jeff escribió/wrote (Thu, 24 Jul 2008 09:27:37 -0400):
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If I'm not wrong, it works with Sendmail *and* Sendmail-compatible MTAs
such as Postfix or Qmail. But you must be aware that -f sets the
Return-Path address, not the From header: they're different things.

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These are regular headers: just append them to the fourth parameter of

mail('', 'the subject', 'the message',

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Short answer: yes. Specs say that e-mail should use \r\n but \n tends to
work in practice and I've even seen \r\n failing some times...

Just be careful with $header; if extra line feeds get added, headers will
jump to the message body.

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Re: mail questions

On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 19:03:12 +0200, Álvaro G. Vicario wrote:
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And you need both, not necessarily set to the same thing. The From: can
go to the email address for someone to answer questions, the From_ needs
to go to someone (or some process) that handles undeliverable mail.
Neither should be set to a "noreply" or invalid or nonfunctional
address. Some anti-spam measures will check either or both for

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Re: mail questions

Peter H. Coffin wrote:
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Can you talk a bit more about the Return Path? How would you set that as
a header?

   And, I understand that some mail clients look at something like a
return path and this should be set somewhere on the site for the server
to check. I'm quite hazy on all this and any clarification would be a
huge help.

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