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for some reason it seems PHP is not properly passing the sender's  
address to sendmail. It does not matter whether I add "From" as header,  
"nobody@new" is always taken as originating addres (be it return-path,  
from or sender).

sendmail logs the following line

Is this due to a wrong sendmail configuration or would I need to change  
something within PHP?


Re: mail not working

Alexander wrote:
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Hi Alexander,

Just a thought, but have you had a look at what comes after the 'MAIL
FROM' argument. I think this might be where you error lies.


Re: mail not working

Daz wrote:
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Thanks Daz, I was aware that the problem was the wrong return path, but  
I wondered why it was set that way and where the new as hostname came from.

I solved it meanwhile by overriding the default sendmail_path value with  
a properly added "-f" parameter (php_value did not work for some reason,  
I had to use php_admin_value) and adding the Apache users to the trusted  
mail users.

If you want to see it, the site is at
- I know, shameless plug ;)

Thanks again,

Re: mail not working

postmaster@ says...

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$to = "";
$subject = "this is a test";
$body = "test 123";
$headers = "From:";
$params = "-f";

mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers, $params);

Notice the fifth parameter with the -f setting.  This is used in many  
sendmail installations to set a "canonical" from address, setting it  
purely in the headers is often ignored as it can be used as a common  
spam/spoof exploit.


Re: mail not working

Geoff Muldoon wrote:
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Thank you Geoff!

As I already wrote in my reply to Daz I solved it meanwhile by doing  
exactly this - more or less :). In order not having to edit any script  
with a mail() call I overrode the host's wide value and it seems to be  
working now.

Thanks again Geoff,

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