mail() function sending two emails

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Here's my code:

$today = getdate();

$to =;

$subject = "New Application: ".$userdata["username"]." -  

$message_header = "New Application: ".$userdata["username"];

$message = $message_header."\n

Hello, is this working?";

mail($to, $subject, $message);

It's not located in a loop, so I don't understand why it would send 2 emails  
to the reciever?

Any idea's?

Re: mail() function sending two emails

Jesse Burns aka jburns131 wrote:
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If it's sending 2 emails, it's because:

a) You are calling the mail() function twice
b) Your To: header specifies two addresses, or
c) Your MTA is configured to copy someone automatically.

The most probably reason is you are calling mail() twice.

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Re: mail() function sending two emails

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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   Had the same problem once... it's a good chance that the script is  
being called twice. Usually caused by a page reload somewhere else in  
the HTML/Javascript. In my case I had a FORM that was getting posted  
twice but I can't remember what was causing the page to reload. I think  
it was some bad logic in conjunction with a header() call.


Re: mail() function sending two emails

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I had the *exact* same problem - weird as hell, ain't it?
It didn't happen on all pages, just the one - and even stepping through it  
in my code editor showed that I was not calling twice.
But still - two friggin mails.

I think it has something to do with the way the server administrator sets up  
the mail system.
In my case, sending to a bad email address didn't just return false - it  
crashed PHP.
I called the ISP and they immediately "fixed" it, so that bad sends returned  
But then - this problem cropped up.

The way I "solved" (for lack of a better word) was to, in that page, not put  
the mail() command in a function.
Instead, I put it inline with an if-then.

So... instead of this.
function fnDo() {

I used this:
function fnDo(){
    $bDo = true;

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