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My ISP sent me notification that if I would like, I could "opt-out" of  
port 25 blocking.  I took them up on the offer to remove the block on my  
port 25 - It is on there by default to every one of their customers.

Anyhow, I've run my own .com from my home for many years now, but was  
never able to get the mail() function to work from the server.  I always  
had to buy e-mail service (out- and inbound) from another place and set  
my domain's MX records to point to it instead.

With port 25 unblocked, is this all I need in order to use the mail()  
function from my own at-home server?

John D. Mann

Re: mail() function question

*** escribió/wrote (Sun, 15 Jan 2006 21:32:25
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mail() uses the very same system as your regular mail client (Outlook
Express or whatever).  

Having port 25 unblocked means that you could have e-mail delivered in your
home mail server (if you ever needed one).

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Re: mail() function question

Alvaro G. Vicario wrote:
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So, I "should" be able to send mail from my the server I have in my home?

And with 25 unblocked, I can now run my own mail server and not have to  
pay for service to store my messages?  That sounds nice.

John D. Mann

Re: mail() function question wrote:
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But make sure you have your system configured properly.

There's a reason why your ISP has blocked port 25.  An incorrectly  
configured machine can be come an open relay to virtually every spammer  
in the world.  Sooner rather than later, your machine will be  
blacklisted and your ISP very unhappy with you (if they allow you to  
remain a customer).

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Re: mail() function question

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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No worries - I have my server setup to deny incoming relays from every  
location except localhost :)

John D. Mann

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