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I writing a script to send emailing using php and the mail() function.
All of the codes is tested on a different server than I am currently
using and works. The code I am using now works but it will not send
email to .edu addresses. Has anyone ever heard of this? Could this be a
problem with my php.ini file? Do I need additional headers that I don't
have? Any thoughts would be of service. Like I said I've gotten it to
work on a different server, I do not have access to that php.ini file
but I now have access to my current servers php.ini file if that is
where the problem lies. mail() sending emails fine to .com addresses
(from what I can gather, sends them to gmail and hotmail) but like I
send not .edu address.

Re: mail() function help

mooneyj wrote:
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When using a *nix system, check your local sendmail configuration, as the  
only thing the mail function does, is relaying the message to the sendmail  

On Windows systems, contact your provider (if you use their smtp server).


Re: mail() function help

would it be in the file? do you know why it would deliver
to but i would not receive on my .edu mail server? any
guesses on where this setting might be?

Janwillem Borleffs wrote:
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