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I'm new at PHP and I'm facing problems with the mail() function.
I'm trying to send an email from a form and to do it I'm using mail() function
but gmail assume it like spam.

I have read lots of similar problems in internet but I couldn't find a solution.


  if (isset($_REQUEST['email']))
  $nome = $_REQUEST['nome'] ;
  $telefone = $_REQUEST['telefone'] ;
  $email = $_REQUEST['email'] ;
  $message = $_REQUEST['mensagem'] ;
  $header .= "Reply-To:".$nome." <".$email.">\r\n";  
  $header .= "Return-Path: ".$nome." <".$email.">\r\n";  
  $header .= "From: ".$nome." <".$email.">\r\n";  
  $header .= "Organization: MyOrganization\r\n";  
  $header .= "Content-Type: text/plain\r\n";  
    mail("", "My message", $message, $header);  

    header ('Location:index_teste.php?area=contactenos');

Can you please help me trying to find what I do have wrong here?
Any help will be welcome.

Re: Mail() function

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If Google Mail believes that it's spam, that isn't a problem with the
PHP code. However, you should make sure that there is a space after the
first colon (":") in the headers.

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Re: Mail() function

On 06/03/13 14:46, Rita Ferreira wrote:
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the line the works for me is this

mail($email, $subject, $message, $headers, "-f ".$return_path );

Note the -f argument to set a valid sender address, otherwise mail  
relays can and will reject the message.

In my case $return_path contains '' etc etc.

Also depending on the server you are posting from, the mail relay  
subsystem may not be set up correctly.


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Re: Mail() function

Rita Ferreira wrote:

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This is just wrong.  Sanitize your input, and in this case accept data via  
$_POST only, so that it is harder to use your script for spamming via URIs.

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The first string assignment to a variable should be

  $header = ?

because the variable is undefined before the assignment and

  $header .= ?

is equivalent to

  $header = $header . ?

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Trace fields like that are to be set by the Message Transfer Agent (MTA),  
not the Mail User Agent (MUA; here: mail()).  Sending messages with  
additional trace fields could reasonably be regarded an attempt at spamming,  
because it could be construed as an attempt to conceal the true origin of  
the message, and the path it took when transported through the network(s).

If you inspect your e-mails (Ctrl+U etc.), you will find that ?Return-Path?  
and ?Received? header fields are never contained in the messages that you  
sent, only in those you received.  (?Received? header fields show the path  
of the message in descending order; *they* are the best clue as to where the  
spam originated, _not_ the ?From? header field which can be easily forged.)

< p.

You are sending a ?Reply-To? field already, so there is no need for a bogus  
?Return-Path? field.

I strongly suggest that you do not use the mail() function unless you know  
what you are doing; use existing mail classes instead, like PHPMailer:


In addition, you may have been sending e-mail from a suspicious or  
blacklisted host.  Check to see if the IP address of the Internet gateway of  
your PHP host, or the IP address range it is in, is blacklisted.  You SHOULD  
NOT send e-mails with PHP from a computer in your home network; since its  
Internet gateway will likely have been assigned a dynamic IP address by the  
ISP, the message will most certainly be regarded spam because of that.  Get  
external PHP Web hosting instead and try again from there.

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