mail(): error messages NOT back to wwwrun?

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a friend was so kind to host my php scripts. but when they use mail()
or phpmailer (or whatever) to email e.g. to an invalid address, the
returning error message appears in *my friend's email inbox*
(recipient - or sender? -  is "wwwrun" of my friend's machine). I
guess you understand which problem I mean. To fix the problem, I would
like to understand what is going on here - in the mail header, i did
set replyto, x-sender and from to *my* email address, but it doesnt
help. so where must I change what to free my kind friend from this

Thank you!

Re: mail(): error messages NOT back to wwwrun?

*** Daniel Loose wrote/escribió (Sat, 02 Jul 2005 20:25:12 GMT):
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If mail is sent through a local binary you can use fifth argument:


mail($from, $subject, $cuerpo, "From: $from", "-f$errors");


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