Lowering upload_max_filesize

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I want to allow my students to upload small text files (perhaps just a
few bytes in size) just to show them how to upload using a PHP form.
For security reasons -- I don't want them uploading MP3 files for
example -- I changed the upload_max_filesize setting in PHP.INI from
the default "2M" to "1024". However I am still able to upload files
larger than 1024 bytes. How do I specify that the filesize limit is in
bytes and not megabytes? Thanks in advance.

Re: Lowering upload_max_filesize

Mike wrote:

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An integer value is taken to be in bytes.  You can
explicitly label it as kilobytes if you like by using the
other shorthand notation, where '1K' equals '1024'.  What
does ini_get('upload_max_filesize') give?



Re: Lowering upload_max_filesize

*** Mike escribió/wrote (18 Sep 2004 09:34:37 -0700):
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This is what manual says, I hope it helps:


upload_max_filesize  integer

The maximum size of an uploaded file.

When an integer is used, the value is measured in bytes. You may also use
shorthand notation as described in this FAQ.


15.  A few PHP directives may also take on shorthand byte values, as
opposed to only integer byte values. What are all the available shorthand
byte options? And can I use these outside of php.ini?

The available options are K (for Kilobytes) and M (for Megabytes), these
are case insensitive. Anything else assumes bytes. 1M equals one Megabyte
or 1048576 bytes. 1K equals one Kilobyte or 1024 bytes. You may not use
these shorthand notations outside of php.ini, instead use an integer value
of bytes. See the ini_get() documentation for an example on how to convert
these values.

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Re: Lowering upload_max_filesize

Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. Using ini_set() verifies that
the setting in PHP.INI is indeed 1024. Looks like PHP is set up
correctly so the problem must lie somewhere else?!

mike@mikeshore.com (Mike) wrote in message
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