looping and writing to a file

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I have a function here that will (with some other functions not shown
here) display some results from a database.  Here is the code:

function display_song_list($fd, $e) {
    global $sys_install_base;
    global $sys_relative_uploaddir;

    echo ("<songs>\n");

    foreach ($e as $error) {
        echo ("$error\n");

    $c = pg_numrows($fd['result']);
    for ($i = 0; $i < $c; $i++) {
        $r = pg_fetch_assoc($fd['result'], $i);

        echo ("<song title=\"\" artist=\"\"


    echo ("</songs>");


I need some help writing the info to a text file.  I know the 'fopen'
and 'fwrite' stuff.  But I don't how to write <songs>, and then write
out all of the rows from the database, and then write </songs>.

Thank you for your help.


Re: looping and writing to a file

Aaron Reimann wrote (in part):
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You know you can write those two lines on one line.

       global $sys_install_base, $sys_relative_uploaddir;

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You don't need parenthesis on an echo statement.

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If you know about fopen and fwrite, what's your problem?

$fp = fopen('your.file','w');
fwrite($fp, 'this is a line'."\n");

Just replace your echo statements with fwrite statements and make sure
you end each line with a carriage return ("\n").

BTW, this echo statement:

 echo ("<song title=\"\" artist=\"\"

can be written much more cleanly, something like:

echo '<song title="' . $r['song_title'] .'" artist="' . $r['artist'] .
'" path="' . $sys_install_base . $sys_relative_uploaddir .
$r['audio_file'] . '"/>' . "\n";


Re: looping and writing to a file

Thank you very much.  I didn't know that you could "write" that way.  I
thought I had to get all of the info from the database, put in in a
variable, then write it.

Thank you.

thanks for the other tip too.

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