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I'm developing a webapp that needs to track users and provide each user
with a view of their own data. In other words, it goes beyond merely
protecting certain areas of the site. The application needs to know WHO
is logged in and show them their own blog, uploaded documents,
reminders, etc.

I'm looking for a free component (library, class, script, module,
whatever you want to call it) that will help me accomplish this. It
should allow the typical things the public has come to expect from
login systems -- confirmation emails, password recovery, "remember me
on this computer" function.

I've looked at the PEAR authentication section. The problem is, as far
as I understand it and please correct me if I'm wrong, using PEAR
libraries required you to have control of the server because you have
to install the libraries (not just download scripts and put them in
public_html with your own files). I don't have that kind of control of
the server since I'm just using cheapo hosting for the time being. I
also looked at "phpGACL - Generic Access Control Lists"
http://phpgacl.sourceforge.net /, but that doesn't really seem suited to
what I want. It could probably be made to work, but it seems to be
aimed at a different type of application.

The two options I've found that seem most suitable are "patUser"
(http://www.php-tools.net/site.php ) and AdminPro
(http://freshmeat.net/projects/adminpro /). They don't specifically say
they provide website individualization for users, but looking them over
it appears that either one of them could be extended to do that.

Does anyone have experience with either of these packages? Or can
anyone suggest a different package?



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