looking for suggestions for a php ide

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Ok, so I want to move beyond notepad and vi for creating my php apps.
I've demoed a few ide's but haven't found exactly what I am looking
for.  Here's a short list of what I'd like to see:

1)  autocomplete
2)  form design  - web form design is a requirement, but the ability
to use the php gtk toolkit and design there as well would be great
3)  database integration - mysql is what I currently use and migrating
to postgresql isn't an option in the near future
4)  ajax integration

I've tried Delphi for php and either I didn't read the manual well
enough or it doesn't quite do everything I wanted.

Here's a scenario for a common task I'd like to be able to do:

I add a database and several sql queries to the project.  Then I drag
a combobox to the form and tell it that it is bound to a specific
field of one of the queries.  I drag a second combobox and tell the
ide that the value for this box is returned by an ajax query based on
the selection in the first combobox.   At this point I save my work
and run the project.  Up pops my web browser with the two boxes
displayed and I can test the code.

I've done this before with MS Access (yeah, yeah, I know) and I'd like
something so that I can stop making Access apps for data management
and replace them with web interfaces to mysql.

So far the Delphi product has come closest, but either I'm being
stupid or the docs aren't as transparent as they could be.

Any other ideas?


Re: looking for suggestions for a php ide

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Re: looking for suggestions for a php ide

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You can try VisualStudio.NET AUHauHuauhuaHUAHUAUhuaHAUhua!!!

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