Looking for someone to finish or build a forum program.

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We are looking for someone to either complete a php forum program or
create one for us.
There isn't really anything that is available that suits our needs and
we have specific wants. If you are interested, we can supply you a link
to our unfinished program to see if you could finish it or take a look
at it and our current forum program to see what we are looking for and
possibly give us a quote.

We have an unfinished forum program.
This forum is a mysql PHP forum and while it is usable right now, there
is no administration portion of the program, so we cannot use it yet.

The forum program we are using is grossly inadequate for what we are
doing and it is cgi, which because of the volume of traffic we have,
consumes major amounts of server resources, so we have to have it on a
dedicated server.

Here is a basic list of our requirements,
Threads need to move to top when replied to.
The basic design/look must remain the same. Meaning that we desire a
threaded forum, not UBB flat style.
Icons on the post subjects.
We need to be able to move posts to another forum, but need to have the
ability to move multiple posts, if needed.
We need to be able to delete multiple posts at a time.
We need to have at least 3 password protected forums with the
capability of managing the users between the 3, meaning that the
admin/moderators need to be able to go between the 3 without re-logging
in and members of the other 2 forums may or may not be members of those
forums, if that makes any sense.
We would like to have cookies to utilize specific icons for 3 different
types of members. Admin, members and sponsors.

Some of our guys may have more to add, but those are the main things
that we are looking for.

Re: Looking for someone to finish or build a forum program.

You can stop posting now.
Three times really is enough to get our attention.

About your forum: Sounds doable.
What is your budget?
Or do you prefer to discuss that in private email?
Where do you live? Europe perhaps?

Erwin Moller

Re: Looking for someone to finish or build a forum program.

Erwin Moller wrote:
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I had some problems posting, I removed the other 2. Stuff happens.
So there was only one post visible. OK?
We are US based. Why would you think Europe?
As for the budget, I suppose that would be negotiable.
We don't mind paying what is reasonable.
Yes, e-mail would be best.

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