Looking for PHP support in Delaware

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I'm a developer in the IT department of ING Direct, a bank. I am in
the process of trying to convince our management to allow us to
install a copy of MediaWiki on our internal network for use within the
bank. One of the concerns that they have is to ensure that support is
available, particularly given that MediaWiki is (1) open source rather
than being a commercial product, and (2) written in PHP whereas our
developers are hired for their Java or .Net competencies. So I am
looking for someone we could contract with to provide "emergency
support" should we find ourselves unable to manage a MediaWiki
installation. It would need to be someone willing to come onsite in
Wilmington DE, and we would be happiest if the support contract came
with some sorts of "response time" guarantees -- but realistically,
operating a MediaWiki instance is not exactly rocket science, so the
number of hours of support is likely to be rather small. What they are
really looking for is a level of "reassurance" that there is someone
available if problems arise with this open source product in an
unfamiliar technology.

If you provide such services in my area or know someone who does,
could you contact me either by replying here or emailing to

-- Michael Chermside

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