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I am looking for a way to query multiple search forms and aggregate  
results. The forms are NOT from common websearch engines (google and  
such) but from several editor database.

Most forms have to be submitted in POST method.

Apple's Sherlock used to let users develop their own search plugins that  
could query multiple sites with GET or POST, but
1. Sherlock is no longer supported by Apple
2. The only app that is supposed to run these plugins on Windows is an  
old french app called Glooton (www.glooton.com) which anyway doesn't  
work (I tried it with the supplied plugins, but I can't get any results).
3. We would prefer to have a web application (php or perl)

Do anyone has an idea?

We are a public library and would eventually like to offer our readers  
with a way to search the multiple ebook and reference databases we have.  
Developping a metasearch for these databases will be complicated, since  
the editors are unwilling to let other engines search their contents.  
Therefore, we would first like to find a quick solution and then wait to  
see how the market for these ebooks evolves.

Thank you for your help


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