Looking for fellow PHP coders to work on project with

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Hey guys.

I've been doing PHP for the past 2 years, and I'm pretty enthusiastic
about the language. Before then, I used to program (VB, C++) for about
7-8 years.

Lately I really got into web applications, especially the
possibilities for social apps. I want to find some like-minded people
on here who might be interested in working together with me on some

So far, I have written a framework I call Pal. I wrote it because I
wanted something blazingly fast (Pal can render a basic hello world
with components, views, controller and filters in about 2ms on a good
server). In the past several days I wrote a Database library with an
ORM for it. I'm particularly proud of the ORM because it can execute
arbitrary joins and handle foreign keys with more than one key,
through its object oriented interface. Hopefully they're both easy to

Anyway, I really wanted to get these things into good shape and maybe
start an open source project. I'm going to use this code for all of my
projects, and I think other people might benefit from it too. I have
some PHP documentation up at

http://luckyapps.com/pal/doc /

Does anyone here want to check out my framework and ORM, help me
document it and put it up as an open source project? The code is 99%
complete and everything is fully functional. I just think more heads
are better than one.

If you're interested, just email me at gregory%gregory.net

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