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I am trying to start a document/data warehouse for internal use for my  
department. What I want to do is create a PHP-based website that allows  
us to add, search, and modify our change control minutes. This is only  
the first step of this project I've undertaken. Eventually, I'll expand  
it to include more and more as it becomes useful to us.

What I need is some sound documentation that can help me get things  
started. I need to create a database to house the various pieces of  
information. I need to write php pages that will connect to the MySQL  
backend and allow me to both query for, and enter information into the  

So far, I've downloaded and installed MySQL 5.0.27-community-nt, PHP  
5.2.0, and phpMyAdmin, and verified that each is working. (PMA  
has a couple bugs that I need to work out, but they're not relevant to  
this thread.)

I want to also be able to use some security in this site, allowing only  
specified users to be able to enter information and make changes, which  
will require some advanced configuration (likely).

The site is presently running on my laptop, which is running Win XP Pro,  
and IIS 5.1. Once built and beyond a sandbox idea, it will be housed on  
a Win 2k server running IIS.

Can anyone point me in the direction of useful documentation that will  
help me get moving forward?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Looking for documentation

Sounds like You're looking for a content management system... but I could be  

To kick your project off I would look at getting somthing like PHPNuke  
installed which is a full featured baseline for your development and plans  
going forward.

Its not the most flexible system but will add all the basics and a good  
starting point for you. Add in somthing like PHPBB for a Forum and you will  
be able to store, retreive and query data in a forum style.

Like I said it will give you a good baseline.

I am sure there are more specific products out there but this is my  


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