Looking for competent PHP script kiddies forming a DEV team

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We're seeking undiscovered unappreciated genius.

E-mail me at django@kentuckyescorts.net

Fantasys Enterprises the leader the USA Escort Industry is seeking
developers to form the core of garage development team to help us
create the next generation of Kick ass software for the our Industry.
There are a lot of Escort sites and software out there but none of it
created by those who KNOW this business. Members of the team will be
compensated and also get ongoing residuals (piece of the action) from
the software packages they help create for resale to others in this


Script Modifications:
We have some GPL software we need modified.

BBS posting software.

We have negotiated agreements with over 20 discussion board sites and
to post to their boards. We need custom software which will handle the
various kinds of boards and sites. This is  NOT a spam project our
postings will be authorized but we need this software to send one ad
post to multiple boards on multiple sites from one package.

Reverse Engineering:

There are many individual pieces of GPL software which have a good
basis for what we need but
don't quite do the job.

For example:
We have a set of discussion boards which we want to add to our plug
and play Escort Web site to be developed however the code has issues
and is a large package which needs reworking.

Creation of a package that allows us to offer free Websites.

User fills out a form selects  their user name and the site
(subdomain) automatically is created.
All the user then has to do choose one of several templates, then type
the information in the predefined user fields of their web site upload
photos. the sites will include a Home, About Me, Photos, Services,
Rates, Gifts, Blog Guestbook,  Review, Calendar Etiquette, FAQ, Links,
Contact. There will also be ad banner rotation system where we both
make our money from the advertising supported sites.

Escort Directory Software:

Taking an existing community package and creating plug and play resale
Escort Directory package where our revenue is generated by sales and

Fantasys has been around for over 25 years and unlike others we know
this business better than most we currently have 105 domains and are
looking for the conscientious young people who want to help join us as
we move to the next level a place NO one in this industry as ever

Please contact me with your qualifications, if you have on-line
samples of your work or references.

Contact me and lets make history our time frame is immediate.


Fantasys Web Master

E-mail me at django@kentuckyescorts.net

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