Looking for coders to help with SomeryC Webcomic Management Script.

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I wrote and maintain the SomeryC Webcomic Management Script (http://
someryc.mostpopularcomic.com), and I was wondering if anyone would
like to work on it as a coder for fun. SomeryC is written in PHP and
uses MySQL, so knowledge of both is necessary. Knowledge in other web
technologies like Ruby or Python (to create possible ports or
derivative works) or knowledge with web design are desirable.

I mainly do it because I enjoy the coding practice and I make
webcomics, but SomeryC has actually started gaining popularity. If you
would like to be a part of the SomeryC team, please let me know! If
you want to know more, then just send me an e-mail or post on the
SomeryC Forum (http://someryc.mostpopularcomic.com/forum /).

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