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My name is Angela Mastrodonato. I'm a web designer who would like the
assistance of a php programmer. Some of my clients have requested more
dynamic web sites, and I am in the beginning phases of learning php.
When it comes to common services, such as shopping carts, I have found
ways to modify existing scripts.

However, I have been getting requests for services that seem specific,
and require a more customized approach than the "out-of-the-box"
solutions provided by hosting companies. For example, I have a
potential client who would like to add a "testing room" to his web
site. I'm not even sure exactly what this is or if php would be the
best approach. In a situation like this, I feel hiring a programmer
may be the most efficient solution.

I need someone who is easily accessible. Since I like to communicate
by phone as well as email, I prefer someone local. Building a good
relationship is very important to me. For our first meeting, I would
like to meet face-to-face. I live and work in Western Mass. I would
prefer someone who works out of Springfield, MA or Hartford, CT, but I
would consider working with someone from the Boston area.

While php is the only language I am familiar with, I prefer someone
who knows other languages such as ASP and can make recommendations as
to which approach would be best for each project. I would like someone
to help me in areas such as which hosting company is best for
supporting certain projects.

Anyone who is interested should email a resume to me at:

Thank you very much.

P.S. I'm looking to bid for a project by Tuesday, July 27, 2004. I'm
going to pass my programming expenses on to the clients. Those who can
reply quickly with rates will have the advantage.

Re: Looking for a php programmer

Angie wrote:

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Rate $35 (negotiable)

Progamming on multiple platforms (os and hardware) and supporting databases
(MySQL, Rdb, Oracle) for more than 15 years, in the IT business for 20+ years.

Michael Austin.
Consultant - Available.
Donations welcomed. http://www.firstdbasource.com/donations.html

Michael E. Austin
180 NE Basswood Circle
Lee's Summit, MO 64064
816-373-8572 (Home)
816-728-3080 (Mobile)

Summary of

As a database and systems administrator I am able to accurately and
effectively manage mission-critical systems including OpenVMS clusters and
determine problem causes and solutions, as well as manage and troubleshoot
related application development.  These skills are further enhanced by 20+
years experience as a hardware and software support engineer, as well as the
advanced troubleshooting skills attained with this experience.
*    Cerner Corporation, Managed Services Division           Aug 2002-Apr 2004
VMS Systems Engineer
Primary responsibilities included VMS systems management for over 200
Alpha servers, running VMS versions 7.2-1H1 to 7.3-2; included all break-fix,
performance and tuning and SAN storage allocation for all platforms
(OpenVMS, AIX and Windows) and zoning changes, and selective storage
presentation on all storage controllers.  Total SAN storage was approximately
240TB across multiple storage controller types.  Performance and tuning
consisted of working with Cerner Millennium and Classic applications
specialists as well as DBAs for our client systems.  Due to previous DBA
experience, also assisted the DBA team with performance tuning and space
allocation issues.

*    First DBA Source, Inc.                Feb. 1996 - Present
OpenVMS and Unix Systems and Database Administrator
Primary responsibilities included, but not limited to, System Administrator,
Application and Cluster troubleshooting as well as Oracle RDB/Oracle7/8
database administrator. Operations performed include physical design/re-
design of database systems (largest was a VLDB at 2Tb+)); database tuning;
SQL query performance tuning; application review; disaster recovery
planning; end-user management; assigning roles and responsibilities;
SQL*NET management; OpenVMS system review/tuning/mangement and
DCL scripting.  My skillset also includes Web management of CERN, OSU,
Apache, and Netscape (aka Sun iPlanet) Web servers on OpenVMS and
various UNIX platforms and porting DCL/CGI to UNIX Perl CGI.

The term administration and support include every aspect of
mantaining any system including but not limited to user
management, backups, disaster recovery planning and execution,
disk/cluster managment and tuning and disk restoration and any
scriptiing or coding or application installation or management to
achieve the goal of system availability.

Clients of First DBA Source, Inc. have included:
*    Allied Signal,                  May 1996 - Aug 1996
OpenVMS and Rdb database tuning and maintenance
*    Bank of NY                 Sept 1996
OpenVMS and Rdb database performance tuning due to severe
locking issues.
*    Intel                     Oct 1996 - Apr 1997
  Rdb and OpenVMS cluster tuning.  Re-architected third-party
application to achieve desired database performance and Disaster
Recovery planning.
*    Dupont - Lycra Division             May 1997 - Mar 1999
VAX/VMS Cluster and application management and support,
Database support as required. Web on VMS development to
reducing printing wastes.
*    AT&T Wireless                          May 1999 - Apr 2000
     OpenVMS server consolidation from 6 Regional servers to one
central server (10way Wildfire),    database maintenance and
administration.  Proof-of-Concept data warehouse development.
*    Pfizer, Inc.                Apr 2000 - Apr 2001
     OpenVMS critical support, Database tuning, system tuning
*    Salk Institute           Mar 2000 - Current
Remote OpenVMS System administration, remote cluster
administration, remote database support.
*    Monroe Metal Mfg Apr. 2000 - Current
Remote OpenVMS System administration, remote cluster
administration, remote database support.
*    Bristol-Myers-Squibb   Oct 2001-Oct-2003
Remote database and OpenVMS/VAX support, managing
backups and performance issues.

Training: (not all-inclusive)
Advanced Visual Basics (Learning Tree)
*    Oracle Corporation                        Dec. 1994-Jan. 1996
Field Support Systems Analyst/Database Administrator
Short term Database Administrator consulting; problem management of
critical database bug related issues; assisting engineering in problem
determination and resolution.  (See Digital for complete description).  Other
duties included assisting with standardizing PC and laptop configurations,
both hardware and software, for customer site-based systems analysts, sales
and sales support staff.

Training: (not all-inclusive)
Oracle Database Administration I and II
Tuning and Troubleshooting Oracle 7

*    Digital Equipment Corporation                                        Jun
1984-Dec 1994
Software Support Engineer/Database Administrator              1990-1994

Duties included, but not limited to, assisting engineering in determining
causes and creating work-arounds for critical database and application related
bugs; database design, (Logical and Physical); basic relational database theory;
access to the database engine source code, and the ability to use that
knowledge to determine problem causes and make appropriate

This process included both utilizing customer skills and managing software
engineers to control these critical situations while acting as the liaison for
Digital's engineering teams.

Other responsibilities included assisting the Support Center by providing on-
site assistance with products produced or supported by Digital,  including
system and network-wide analysis of various performance and functional
related issues; reading and debugging various application code relating to
database issues.

Software Training: (not all-inclusive)
Digital's OLTP software products including: Rdb SQL, Relational database
concepts, RDB Tuning/troubleshooting, RDB Internals V3,V4 update,V5
update, CDD (Common Data Dictionary) and CDD Repository - operation and
internals, DECForms and ACMS (Application Control Management System).
Field Service Engineer                              1984-1990
Troubleshooting and repairing PC's, word processors, micro and mini
computers, high and low volume laser printers, band printers, communications
and network devices.
*    Hardware:
HP/Digital VAX and Alpha Clusters; Sequent; SUN SPARC; PC's
*    Software:
    Tools: Debug Utilites native in OpenVMS languages, T4 Performance
Monitoring software
    Languages:   Visual Basic; C/C++; COBOL; FORTRAN; Pascal; Basic;
VAX MACRO; BLISS; DIBOL; UNIX shell scripting languages;
HTML; PERL and PHP on OpenVMS and UNIX platforms.
    Web Servers:  CERN, OSU, Apache, Sun iPLanet
    Database engines:  Oracle7/8; Oracle Rdb; MySQL
    Operating systems:  DOS; UNIX (HPUX, Sequent's DYNIX, SUN
Solaris; Digital UNIX, Digital Ultrix, SCO UNIX and SCO Unixware,
Linux); OpenVMS; Windows 3.1; Windows95; WindowsNT (4 and
*    DeVry Institute of Technology, Irving TX                               1982-1984
  Associates Degree, Computer Engineering, with Honors

*    International Oracle Users Group, Encompass, Brocade Users Group

*    Available Upon Request

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