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Any suggestions for a good LAMP reseller account?

Taking quality/ price and bandwidth as the main criteria.

I need to support 10 domains at present.

Re: Looking for a hosting reseller account

i am using

been on their servers for about 6 months now.
running three domains and 8 subs
42 bucks for three months.

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Re: Looking for a hosting reseller account

While the city slept, Nairb (bg342@yahoo.com) feverishly typed...

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http://www.affordablehost.com/cpanel.shtml - check the "Multi-C Cpanel"
package. Host 20 domains, and share between them;
500MB Disk space
30GB Bandwidth
Unlimited POP emails and aliases
40 MySQL Databases
CGI, Perl, PHP, etc, etc


I have a similar account with them and am very happy with it. Setting
domains up is a doddle. You can set up individual packages to your specs
(within the available resources). Very friendly company, good support. And
if you pay for a year or two years in advance, you get 10% and 20% off

Hope that helps,

Nigel Moss
Mail address not valid. nigel@DOG.nigenet.org.uk, take the DOG. out!
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is very, very busy!

Re: Looking for a hosting reseller account

Nairb wrote:
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I'm using memset.com, they provide me with a debian box and root SSH to
it. I install and set up the server how I see fit via APT.

Re: Looking for a hosting reseller account

Nairb wrote:
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try hostdime http://www.hostdime.com they're a reliable hosting company,
they have their own data center, they not one of these companies that
are just reselling to u there, there are lots of those :/

Smallest reseller package at hostdime is $20/month that is for 5gig
space 50gig transfer everything else is unlimited... domains, email
accounts, mysql databases... also you get an extra 5gig space just for
the domain your register the hosting for, and then the other 5gig for
any addtional domains.

Re: Looking for a hosting reseller account

bg342@yahoo.com (Nairb) wrote in news:3340f31f.0408190803.14172cc4

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All our servers are dual Xeon 2.4+ with 4GB RAM and mirrored SCSI
harddrives.  We use the Ensim Pro control panel.  Our customers are
allocated disk space and bandwidth and they are able to subdivide for all
their domains.  Each domain can be setup completely separate with different
features enabled.  We do not limit any options.  We only sell disk space
and bandwidth and you have no preset limits for number of email addresses,
mysql databases, etc.  Also, since we run all sites in Ensim High Security
mode, each site is chrooted and has their own independent php.ini file you
can modify.

Edward Alfert
http://www.rootmode.com /
Multiple Domain Hosting and Reseller Hosting Plans
Promotional Code (Recurring $5/month Discount): newsgroup

Re: Looking for a hosting reseller account

Nairb wrote:

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I'm real happy with http://dathorn.com . It is one of the best kept
secrets on the internet. I'm amost afraid to tell everyone about it.

The servers are in a large datacenter in Dallas texas, but Dathorn keeps
thier own nightly backups so if anything goes wrong, nothing (or almost
nothing, anyway) is lost. They are also very careful about what they
allowed on their servers. Php 5 is not installed yet and won't be for
several months, which most people are fine with, because they'd rather
wait until the kinks are ironed out.

My previous host always tried to have all the latest, and they went down
regularly. When they came back the backus were months old. I've used
Dathorn for two years, and as far as I know my sites were only down a
few hours once. When they came back, nothing was lost.

Dathorn is very upfront about any problems they are having and always
tell you exactly what is going on in their forum. They also post links
to independent up/down time statistics in their forum. The uptimes are
very high. My previous host always kept you in the dark and wouldn't
tell you shit.

They allow unlimited domains, unlimited email addresses, unlimited mysql
databases,  and also allow imap email scripts, which my previous host
didn't allow. Each sub account has its own cpanel with its own settings,
skins, mysql etc. I can allocate server space and bandwidth for each
account with the Web Host Manager.

I have about a half a dozen domain names. I get 2 gigabytes of disk
space, 30 gigabytes of bandwidth for $13 a month. I've never had any
problems with space or bandwidth, but most of my sites are not very
large or very busy either. Oh yeah, one time I had set the bandwidth on
one site rather low, and when the traffic picked up, I got a notice and
used the Web Host Manager to switch bandwidth from an account that
wasn't using it.

There is no phone support, but you won't need it. Dathorn has an
excellent online help system, and they always get back to me in a few
minutes. And they know what they are doing. If the help can't help you,
  you can always deal directly with with Andrew, the owner, and he will
definitely do you right. I can't recomend them highly enough.


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