looking for a good well-rounded webmaster with PHP skills.

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this is my first post to comp.lang.php

I have an *excellent* freelance client which, for personal reasons, I have
to pass to someone else. They are friendly, pay well and on time, and the
work is varied and interesting. This client often needs up to 40 hours per
week to take care of all their web operations.

You must be:
- experienced, mature and reliable
- available to work up to full time during business hours (40h/wk, but this
is often flexible)
- able and equipped to work from home, using conferencing software (WinXP
- a good designer, using PhotoShop and Illustrator
- able to develop websites and mini-apps using PHP and MySQL
- adaptable and able to learn quickly
- adept at SEO and e-commerce

They are not looking for a beginner; this client needs someone very
competent with experience who can work independently on important projects
from beginning to end. For a mid-career professional, this is a great

You will be managing a large high-profile website that uses a home-grown CMS
built with PHP. You will do traffic analysis and work along with management
to develop web strategies and manage an e-commerce shopping cart (also PHP).
You will also be working on a variety of other projects for high-profile
international clients.

Please do not send resumes!

If you are confident and capable, contact me by e-mail at
ianring@seekwellness.com and tell me about yourself. The decision to hire
you is entirely up to the client, but I am going to facilitate the

Ian Ring

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